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About Dan

First and foremost, I am a believer in Jesus Christ as God's Son. This may lose a couple of votes, but I will not deny Him. Matt 10:32, 33

Next importance is my family.  I will not speak specifically as I had previously identified my family here and leftists had publicly attacked my PRESCHOOL GRANDSONS.  THAT is the type of people that oppose my election. I wonder WHY?

I believe in the exceptionalism of America, and that Tennessee is a Special place on earth.  I began college studying Electrical Engineering at Univ of KY, then came to Nashville in 1979 to finish with a degree in Bible at Lipscomb University.  I served as a preacher in small mission churches in Claxton, GA, then Mt Airy, NC where I went to Nursing School and obtained my license as a Registered Nurse then returned to Nashville in the early 90's and have been here ever since.

I cannot imagine living anywhere else besides middle Tennessee.  I have been an RN for the past 32 years and consider myself still serving in the ministry, only a different form.  In this field I get to do what we talk about in Sunday School... I have not only talked about washing feet, I have done it.  I have taken care of the sick in the Emergency Room including Nashville General, served as phone Triage Nurse for Hospice Patients, and gone into homes as a Home Health nurse in both Brentwood and the inner city. I now serve as a Workers Comp Case Manager helping employees navigate the system when they are injured.

I want to be a council person so that I can represent YOU and those around you as I see so much overspending and waste that does not allow the citizens be heard.  I want to LISTEN to you and allow YOU to speak.  I want to do my best to stop the wild spending and giving of YOUR money away to those who don't need it.  It is YOUR money.

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